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Most people’s high school learning experiences involve spending countless hours inside a classroom absorbing information, being tested on it, then promptly forgetting what they learned. It is a very linear educational experience, consisting of a two-way interaction between teacher and student.

This approach works just fine for some students, but the Verona Area School District now offers an alternative, non-linear learning environment through its Exploration Academy (EA). Rather than the traditional teacher-student model, EA utilizes a collaborative model, referred to as project-based learning, where students take ownership of their education through the development of a learning plan. Objectives are achieved with the guidance and assistance of a network comprised of the student’s parents, an advisor, and community mentors and highly qualified specialists in the student’s desired course of study.

Students in project-based learning environments are often highly engaged, motivated, and typically acquire excellent critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, which are not often emphasized in traditional classrooms. These fundamental skills will only help students excel in their post-secondary education and/or career.

Exploration Academy students will experience:

  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Student Learning Support Network
  • Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum
  • Individualized Pacing
  • Hands-on/Experiential Opportunities in Real-World Settings
  • Standards-Based Proficiency-Based Grading and Assessment
  • Flexible Scheduling including Summer Options
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Technology-Infused Learning
  • 21st Century and Career Readiness


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